31 de octubre de 2017 20:00


CONTEMPORARY BACHATA: It's also called "Bachata Moderna", its main exploration points are Posture/Poses; Musicality and Arm moves. This is also the Bachata style with the most beautiful and biggest variation of figures/steps "SENSUAL BACHATA": Around as the most sensual style, it explores a mix of Musicality with Arm elements; and specially plays with hips, chest and shoulders control by leaders and followers. Cours: Recommended for who already dance Bachata it's an objective cours wich is gonna work "directly with Steps/Figures" from this two Bachata styles. Teacher: Marcus Paulo aus Rio de Janeiro. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Dates:Tuesdays 10, 17, 24, 31 October. Time: 20 - 21h Rates/Price: 120CHF pro Person. "The tendence styles for 2018"! Tanzschule Meet2Dance. Wenthalerstrasse 6. 8154 Oberglatt. www.meet2dance.ch

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